MESSAGE 〜石井 竜也より〜


With this unprecedented disaster occurring in Japan, Japanese people are deeply hurting and asking themselves, “what can I do to help?”. Many are chagrined and frustrated, not knowing what they can do, what role they can play in this heartbreaking situation. I know, I am one of them.

“GROUND ANGEL” launched “MIND from MIND BBS” following this disaster to assist communication and serve as a link between the victims and supporters.
A week has passed since.
We have spent this time to determine what supplies and goods are needed for the afflicted areas however, although the distance itself is not far, we have found that fuel shortage and roads being cut off make it impossible to go up North... We have decided that the best thing to do at this moment is to make preparations and change our feeling of wanting to help into something tangible to be used for future support and leave the immediate relief and rescue activities to those in the professional field and for us to focus on preparation for help and support so that the disaster victims can live a life with hope for the future as early as possible.

GROUND ANGEL is making an appeal for donations to the “MIND from MIND fund” as well as exploring possibilities for holding “MIND from MIND LIVE” concerts and calls out to you for your help in making our feeling and intention to help into a tangible one.

10th years have passed since “GROUND ANGEL” was established in 2002. The theme of our activities have been “We will start with thinking” . Now is the time to think together and start from small things that we can do together.

March 20, 2011
Tatuya Ishii