REPORT 〜ご報告〜


美しく心に響く「HEART OF CHRISTMAS」をぜひお聴きください♪


Find the light in this world
If you look…you can see…
you can see.

God is Love
Know that on this eve you're not alone
And when life's hard
Let us know just how to love

Let us sing, let us hope, let us pray
On this night we can bring one whole world to peace.
Believe in Love
And you'll never be alone

Inside each of us we have the power to... Love
Inside each of us we have the ability to be, Happy.
Don’t forget.

Let us dream, lets us feel, let us know
That the blessing of love on this eve's for all
For God is light
With the light the darkness gone

Take my hand when you are weary
I will help you, keep you near me
Take my heart I give it freely
I will be your light

Believe in life
And you'll find your way in starless nights
Light your hearts
With the Love of Christmas Time